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Fourth of July drone shows

More and more cities are replacing Fourth of July fireworks with drone shows! Why? Because they're a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable alternative to traditional fireworks. Thus, more and more locations are saying goodbye to the risks of fire hazards, air pollution, and noise disturbances that come with fireworks…

Fourth of July the 2023 way!

It isn’t an easy decision to go for a drone show, as fireworks have become an important part of Independence Day celebrations. However, with the possibilities a drone light show brings, the experience can be even better. Drone shows bring the magic of the 4th of July to life in a whole new way, as hundreds of drones paint the night sky with vibrant colors and unforgettable displays of patriotic pride. With an average show length of 12 minutes, this gives the audience enough time to experience a mesmerizing Fourth of July drone show!

Custom Independence Day drone shows

There are numerous ways to create awe-inspiring 4th of July drone shows. Naturally, we can custom create the entire show flown, telling the cities’ Independence Day story in the skies. We can include audiovisual performances, such as music or shows by artists on the ground. And what to think of a QR code flown in the sky that you can scan? 

Drone show versus fireworks

For a lot of people, the signature crackle and explosions are a vital part of Independence Day. With our Fourth of July drone shows, we are able to recreate a part of the experience with stunning drone light shows with accompanying crackle and explosion sounds.   

Environmental advantages of drone shows

As mentioned, 4th of July drone shows don’t come with the negative effects of fireworks, such as noise pollution, environmental pollution and potential fire hazards. Next to the fact that Fourth of July drone shows are tailor made, stunning works of art, this is the main reason for their rising popularity. 

4th of July drone shows in the US

Did you know Utah has an average of 900 wildfires per year? For this reason and air quality problems, the city of Salt Lake choose to host their first ever Fourth of July Salt Lake City drone show. A huge success and one definitely worth repeating. There were a lot of other drone shows throughout the States though:


This year, Macy's Fourth of July fireworks show was kicked off with a first-ever New York City 4th of July drone show. Millions of Americans were surprised by this unannounced drone show with very positive respones. Who knows what will happen next year…  


In Colorado, you could witness the Fourth of July Boulder drone show, Fourth of July Castle Rock drone show and Fourth of July Lakewood drone show. 


In San Diego above Ocean Beach, a Fourth of July drone shows was flown. The same goes for the Fourth of July Los Angeles drone show above Lake View Terrace.  


Miami hosted three Fourth of July drone shows above Aventura, Coconut Grove and North Beach. 


In California, La Jolla, Lake Tahoe and Ocean Beach used drones to illuminate the sky instead of pyrotechnics. 


Learn more about our drone shows

Our ongoing track record includes unique drone shows worldwide. Including Burning Man twice (check out the Burning Man 2022 drone show), the 50th anniversary of the moon landing for NASA in collaboration with Duran Duran, in the Disney drone show in LA, Liberation Day in Rotterdam, and many more. Whether you're looking for an intimate performance or a grand spectacle, Drone Stories can fully customize the show to fit your needs. Find out more about our drone show company, what a drone show costs, a drone show proposal.


Our founders, Lucas and Ralph, sat for a chat at our Amsterdam office to look back and share their favorite moments of last year. 


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