Drone Stories - How to make a drone light show

How to make a drone light show


Drone Stories - How to make a drone light show

Have you seen some or our drone light shows? Then you’ve seen the result of months of creative sessions and hard work. But how to make a drone light show? There goes a lot of planning and creativity in such a drone show. Let us explain more!

How to make a drone light show

Basically, there are four different steps to make a drone light show. This is, however, easier said than done. 

First, it’s pre-production time. Here, we talk to the client and ensure we are all on the same page. We discuss the wishes of the client (or when we are creating the show on our own, we discuss this within the team) and decide the flight location, for example. Once this is agreed upon, we can proceed.

For us, this is where the fun starts. Our drone light show company goes into the creative design process. We design the concept, create storyboards and come up with animations of the show. Our main target during this process is to create a show filled with new, purpose-driven perspectives. At the end of this design process, we have an okay on the storyline of the show and thus can start with setting things in motion. 


This third stage is the production stage. It includes a survey of the site, making sure we have all the right permits and getting the drones to said location. Sounds like a lot of work? It’s even more than that. However, with our years of experience and vast network, we get sh*t done, ensuring everything’s ready for the final stage.


This naturally is the show. The required team goes to the site, preps all the equipment and the launching site and (re)checks if everything is in place and working as it should. Then, finally, it’s showtime! We get to light up the sky with our flying pixels, sharing (y)our story. 


All in all, it normally takes months to make a drone light show. However, we’ve done it in weeks also, when need be. Would you like to see some of the drone shows we’ve created? We are very proud of our Burning Man 2022 drone show and our Spotify ADE drone show, for example. You can find out more about a drone show cost also by the way. And please don’t hesitate to drop our drone show company a line if you want to!


Our founders, Lucas and Ralph, sat for a chat at our Amsterdam office to look back and share their favorite moments of last year. 


Want to join Luc and Ralph for the full chat? Watch along!



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