Drone Stories - What is a drone light show?

What is a drone light show?


Drone Stories - What is a drone light show?

More than often we receive one simple question. However, sometimes simple questions require somewhat more explanatory answers. That’s why we’d love to dive into this question: what is a drone light show?

What is a drone light show?

A drone light show is the product of creative concepts, planning, skill and drones. In short, however, a drone light show is a number of drones arranging themselves in aerial formations. The drones are illuminated and synchronized to perform a choreographed show, often supported by music. We can create almost any image or shape in the sky and use the drones to tell a mesmerizing story in the skies. 

This is easier said than done. Creating an awe-inspiring drone show requires creative concepting, designing processes and planning skills. More than anything, it requires technical know-how, advanced software and reliable hardware. Also, drones don’t fly by themselves. They have to be carefully programmed and choreographed in order to fly as in union and create stories that resonate with the audience and function as a whole. 

What a drone light show is, is actually very closely related to how to make a drone light show. In short, this is a intricate process that can be summarised into four steps. It starts with pre-production, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Then we get into the design process, where we explore the concept, create a storyboard and animate said storyboard. Then our drone light show company goes into the production phase, making sure everything is prepared for the show. In conclusion, it is showtime. We turn the sky into (y)our canvas!

Drone shows for you

There, now you know what a drone light show is. Want to see some more examples of drone shows? Check out our Burning Man 2022 drone show. You can find out more about our drone show company or what a drone show costs also. Any other questions? Let us know!


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