Drone Stories - What is the biggest drone show company?

What is the biggest drone show company


Drone Stories - What is the biggest drone show company

With drone light shows becoming increasingly more popular in recent years and technological developments making our wildest dreams come true, various drone show companies have entered the market. They offer expertise in various sorts of drone technologies, enabling them to create unique and memorable stories in the skies. But what is the biggest drone show company in the world?

The biggest drone show company

It’s not that easy to answer this question, seeing as there are multiple ways to assess the scale of a drone show company. Is the largest drone show company in the world, the company that flies the most shows? Which has the most drones? What produces the most drones? It is hard to say… 


Sure, one of the biggest drone show companies is Intel (now Nova Sky Stories). The technology giant has made a name for itself in the drone industry with its Intel Shooting Star drones, which are specifically designed for light shows. However, Intel is no more. Our sister company Nova Sky Stories has acquired the Intel fleet. With more than 9000 drones, Nova has becoming the drone show company with one of the largest fleets in the world. With their own modifications, an entire new, more sophisticated drone has been created. The Nova Sky Stories Star Drone has been especially created for drone shows. As this quadcopter is light and fast, it is perfect for flying awe-inspiring drone light shows

An impressive track record…

As mentioned, Nova Sky Stories has partnered up with Drone Stories. Together, we have worked with a wide range of clients, such as this Formula 1 drone showBurning Man 2022 drone showDisney drone showSpotify drone show and NASA drone show. Our shows have been used for everything from product launches to music festivals, and these impressive displays have earned us a reputation as the leading company in the drone light show industry.


So, with Nova Sky Stories taking over Intel and working together with various drone show companies, they can currently be seen as the biggest drone show company in the world. Their expertise in drone technology, safety, and reliability has allowed them to create some of the most impressive and memorable drone light shows in history. As the drone industry continues to grow and evolve, it is likely that they will continue to play a significant role in shaping the future of drone technology. You can learn more about our drone light show company.



Our founders, Lucas and Ralph, sat for a chat at our Amsterdam office to look back and share their favorite moments of last year. 


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