Drone Stories - Burning Man 2021

04 Burning Man 2021

2021’s Burning Man was slightly different from previous years. Because of the pandemic, the official Burning Man festival and the burning of art installations were prohibited. We managed to keep the tradition alive and bring back our drone fleet to the playa since we first flew them there in 2018.

The Story Behind the Lights

The US government banned the official festival, but this did not stop people from coming to Black Rock City. Burning art installations were also banned. In order not to completely lose the ritual of the Burn, we brought light to the playa with our drones. This was a perfect opportunity to invent an eco-friendly new “drone man''.
Burning Man
14 minutes
Black Rock City, Nevada
Burning Man 2021
Burning Man 2021

Two Days, Three Different Shows

We performed three different shows at the Playa: one on Friday morning, one on Friday night, and one on Saturday night. According to the audience, the pieces that flew were memorable. Not only aesthetically but emotionally. On Friday morning, a tribute was paid to George Mueller, founder of Robot Heart and friend to many in the Burns community. He passed away suddenly last year, so we decided to join the Robot Heart community in honoring him. Friday night, homage was paid to some of the works of art from the past. This was a special show because we flew above a baseball cage. That performance made us the first to fly above people, without endangering anyone. It changed the whole perspective of the show. Saturday was all about the most recognizable show of all. We started the performance with Franchise Freedom building up to the week's big moment. A huge man was revealed along with an excellent musical build-up made by Unders Music. This reveal shocked the playa. No one expected that a man could be flown 300 feet high. After the man was ‘burned’, the airfield was surrounded by people. Grateful and loving as you would expect from a Burning Man.
Burning Man 2021
Burning Man 2021
Burning Man 2021

Story in the skies from…

Black Rock City during Burning Man 2021. One of our never to forget Drone Stories moments!

Extra info:

getting everything there was a hustle because of the lag of resources Charging batteries at 40 degree celsius 3 shows in 2 days Making sure all safety measures were good - hard with 20.000 people being free to walk or bike everywhere
01 EDC Las Vegas
Franchise Freedom Event
03 Franchise Freedom

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