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With our network and experience, we can fly locations that are inaccessible to others. By innovating and working with the best artists, performers and musicians, we offer an end-to-end drone show that for a brief moment, turns the world of the viewers upside down. But why take our word for it? Just check our track record of memorable drone shows such as in the harsh Black Rock Desert for our Burning Man 2022 drone show, UNICEF Gala in Capri, 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Which drone show is your favorite?
Our work
01 Burning Man 2022
02 EDC Las Vegas
03 Live through this
04 Franchise Freedom
05 Free Burn 2021
06 Happy birthday!
07 A wedding with old and new memories
08 Samsung’s Foldable Phone Launch
09 Day Trip Festival LA
010 National Streaming Day with Disney+
011 KWF’s annual lantern walk

A drone light show that lasts for a lifetime

Even though a typical drone light show lasts for a maximum of 12 minutes, this is all we need to share a thought-provoking story in the sky. A story that can, for a brief moment, turn your viewers' world upside down. A story that can stay with your audience for a lifetime. How? By creating and sharing a purpose-driven story. This is easier said than done. With the combined effort of our team of storytelling pioneers and partners in crime we think of a concept, work it out into a storyboard and create renders. Only then do we have a solid basis to start creating your drone show. You can find the results above. *mic drop*. By the way, find out more about what a drone show costs or how we create a drone show proposal.



Our drone performances combine sight with sound. Awe with inspiration. Drones with art. Fiction and reality. Whether you’re looking for an intimate performance or a grand spectacle, expect us to push boundaries and have your attendees’ minds blown.