Drone Stories - Drone show proposal - this is what a custom drone show costs

Drone show proposal - this is what a custom drone show costs


Drone Stories - Drone show proposal - this is what a custom drone show costs

We love to tell stories in the sky, using the sky as our canvas and our drones as dynamic pixels. Quite often, however, we get the question what a drone show costs. Here, we’d love to tell you how we set up a drone show proposal so you have a bit more insights to how much a drone show costs

Drone show proposal, it’s all in the process

When we work on a drone show proposal, we do this in a structured way. See it as some sort of a checklist that we work through. First, we find out what kind of show matches your needs, this comes with creative fees.


Then, we determine how determine with how many drones we’re going to be flying. Each drone costs about €500 to fly and shows quite often consist of about 500 drones. Also, we pinpoint where we are going to be flying. We will also determine where to fly. We have flown in various locations including deserts and other hard-to-reach places. Local production costs in special locations, will slightly increase the cost of the drone show. But the nice thing is, it's almost never impossible! 


In conclusion, we find out what other wishes you have. Think of an accompanying famous artist, waterboards  or a firework show. With our fast network and years of experience we can make it happen. If you can dream it, we can create it! 

Check out our own going track record

Ok, we get it, it is quite a lot to process. So why don’t you have a look at a couple of the drone light shows that we have flown. Then, you will understand a bit more what the possibilities are. Our EDC Las Vegas drone show is one of our favorites, for example, where we flew 600 drones in front of a crowd of 165.000 people, accompanied by music, fireworks and great people. Get it got? Why not head over to how much a drone show costs.


Our founders, Lucas and Ralph, sat for a chat at our Amsterdam office to look back and share their favorite moments of last year. 


Want to join Luc and Ralph for the full chat? Watch along!



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