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Our team is always on the lookout for the next mesmerising story to tell. Shoot us an email or give us a bell. Or, better still, we rock it oldskool and connect face-to-face. Chitter chatter and caffeine at our office whilst enjoying our glorious Amsterdam view, let’s go!
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For us, a drone light show is when we use drones (and other creativeadditions such as musicians, artists, projection and our surroundings) totell spectaculair, mind-blowing stories. Drone light shows, however, arenormally defined when multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) are flownin a coordinated fashion with light fixtures attached. They are usuallyequipped with LEDs with the show commencing during night in the starryskies. Alternatively they can be equipped with smokepods, lasers, lightbeams or other payloads. Using the sky as our canvas.

Each drone show is unique. To create a custom performance that meets yourneeds, we take the following approach:1. You, the clients, tell us what’s on their mind2. Together we brainstorm and design the initial storyboard for the droneshow3. We keep in close contact with you to put together the perfect drone lightshow4. By means of a video render, we show how the performance comes to life andtells your story5. Final feedback can be given and incorporated in the show6. We create the final render, exactly showing what you’ll see in thenightly heavens7. We’ll bring your story to life, making the sky our canvas in a custom,grande finale

We are not limited to the use of a certain drone. For each project, DroneStories analyses which drone is the best flying pixel, enabling us to tellyour story. We use drones that are specifically designed for drone lightshows. They are fully approved by aviation authorities around the world andhave many safety features to guarantee safe operation.

It usually takes about a month to prepare a show. It is possible to expeditethe creation, but it depends on the circumstances. Check out our timelinefor more information and feel free to contact us for options.

It depends on the conditions. The drones can handle a few drops of rain.However, we try to avoid flying in the rain because it can damage the dronesand make the show less spectacular.Flying when it’s windy is also possible, but the maximum wind speed is 25miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour). We always put safety first. Thepilot on site will determine if it is safe to fly or not.

Each show has its own process. Check out our timeline for an indication ofeach process, or contact us by phone or email.

We offer a wide range of ‘sizes’ for our light shows, but we prefer aminimum of 100 drones. The reason for this is that it is difficult to makeshapes with fewer drones. There is no exact maximum number of drones we canfly with but it runs in the thousands. Please contact us for furtherinformation on the appropriate number of drones.

Costs vary depending on what kind of show you want. Variables that come intoplay are the number of drones, the location, the design you want, and so on.Contact us, and we will create a custom-tailored proposal for you.

The show can last up to twelve minutes, depending on weather conditions,distance and altitude. We use efficient Lithium-Ion batteries to power theflight and lighting facilities of each drone.

No, not without proper safety measures.

Yes, the drone show is fantastic when combined with fireworks, waterscreens, live music or sound design. We can arrange these types ofperformances to make your story come alive.

Our drones are equipped with super-bright LED technology. Operations indaylight are theoretically possible but not recommended by us. Depending onthe intensity of the sunlight, the visibility of the performance can be low.Flying during sunset proves to be the most beautiful option, as thesurroundings will still be visible.

Our flight crew is characterized by its flexibility. We adhere to ourclients’ schedules. However, the frequency of flights may be affected byairspace regulations, weather conditions, the duration of the light show,and the drone system's charging process.

A drone light show requires clear airspace. We cannot fly very near airwaysor airports. However, with the proper exemptions, there are manypossibilities. Any other location may be suitable after further inspectionby our technical crew. Locations such as large parks, over water, on a golfcourse or a large private property are in favor of Drone Stories.

We live to turn your ideas into reality! In the process of creating a dronelight show, you and our creative department will work closely together.There will be plenty of feedback rounds to create the desired outcome forboth parties.

Drone light shows consist of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) equipped withLEDs that are flown in formation to create still or moving images. Our UAVfleet is controlled via a software application on a handheld computer.

We live in ever changing times. Now, more than ever, it is important tofocus on world improving solutions. Our drones are environmentally friendly.This ensures drone performances are a perfect substitute for older, vibrantdisplay shows such as fireworks. We use renewable energy to run our system.The drones are low-noise once they reach their operational level in the airand don’t cause known air pollution and environmental damages.