Drone Stories - Drone art: why drone show companies are the new Van Goghs

Drone art: why drone show companies are the new Van Goghs


Drone Stories - Drone art: why drone show companies are the new Van Goghs

Are we really comparing drone show companies to Van Gogh? Well, just a little bit, because there certainly is some truth to it. It takes quite the amount of hard work and combined creativity to come up with concepts and turn them into mesmerising drone shows. That’s why the term drone art has been coined for a while now. And we’d love to dive into this a bit more.

What is art?

But before we can get into drone art, it seems we should dive into what art is a bit more. The Oxford Dictionary defines art as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” Ok, that is actually quite a solid and clear definition for something that can be so hard to grasp. The main factors here are human creative skill producing something that is appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

Drone art 101

Right, so we’ve assessed the foundation of (drone) art. 


Human creative skill is needed. In the entire process of creating a drone show, human creative skill is key. For us, the entire show hinges on taking an idea or phenomenon and turning it into a thought provoking concept. Working this further out into a show flown by hundreds of drones takes a lot of human creative skill.

Furthermore, (drone) art is typically expressed in a visual form. Believe us, it does not get much more visual than a drone show, where we light up the sky and turn it into (y)our canvas. 

In conclusion, the work should be appreciated primarily for their beauty of emotional power. Great drone art has the unique power to be simultaneously beautiful and triggering emotional responses. During a single show of 12 minutes, people often experience different emotions, such as awe, surprise and enjoyment.

How we express drone art

Did you know our story starts from creation? Drone Story is a sister company of Studio DRIFT (an artistic studio specialising in choreographed sculptures and kinetic installations) and thus born from art and creativity. We started to craft stories with a need to connect people, bring them together. By sharing meaningful stories, we create a magical, shared moment that resonates for ever. 

Over the last years, we have told a lot of different stories in the skies. Creating drone art through a proven track record. We’d love to share some of our drone art with you. Just have a look:

Storytelling is in our DNA

Want to learn more about our drone show company? We’d love to tell you more about our Burning Man 2022 drone show or the other drone shows that we’ve flown! Interested in what a drone show costs or how we set up a drone show proposal? We’d love to let you know!


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Our founders, Lucas and Ralph, sat for a chat at our Amsterdam office to look back and share their favorite moments of last year. 


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